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Read reports and Tests on N-Line Tools revolutionary HEATER TREATER system and how it prevents paraffin build up.

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System Dynamics

Wax/ Paraffin elimination and hydrate plug prevention is best achieved with a direct heat source to the fluid or gas. Heat tracing has minimal sucess because too much heat and energy are lost through heat transfer. N-Line Tools offers the Oil and Gas Industry the only downhole heating system with direct heat that has been tested and approved by the U.S Department of Energy.

State of the Art Monitoring and Controls sets N-Line Tools a step above the rest. The N-Line Tools control system is engineered for ease of operation and operator safety forefront..

N-Line Tools TUBING HEATER is engineered to incorporate in to the tubing strand. Typical flow assurance applications are to install the heaters approx. 100ft below the paraffin deposit or hydrate plug. Heating the fluid or gas as it flows through the heater section of the tubing strand allows the flow to reach the surface with no blockages forming.

N-Line Tools can heat the Oil flow up to 300°F and Gas flow to 500°F. (The heating elements are designed to operate at up to 2200°F)

N-Line Tools Downhole heating is proven to be the most reliable and effective method to eliminate paraffin deposits and hydrate plugs. With the application of a reliable, continuous direct heat source down hole the life of a well can be prolonged and operating expenses greatly reduced.