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N-Line Tools has worked around the world. Our

client understand the significance of our

work. Here are reports made by the

RMOTC and Mook Report regarding our innovative Heater Treater.

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RMOTC Report
(Rocky Mountain Oilfield Training Center)

The Purpose of the test was to verify the effectiveness of a new downhole heater treater to reduce paraffin buildup in..... READ THE REPORT

The Mook Report
D.O.E. Test

N-Line Tools installed its downhole paraffin heater treater in a producing well at Teapot Dome Field (NPR-3) in Wyoming operated by the Department of Energy.... READ THE REPORT

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N-Line Tools Awarded
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Patented in Kazahkstan
Kazahkstan Patent #21889

Patented in China
China Patent #Zl2007800

Patent Pending in Mexico
Mexico Trademark Awarded

Patent Pending in Columbia
Columbia Trademark Awarded

Patent Pending in Venezuela
Venexuela Trademark Awarded


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